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Company Events

1. Trade Union

Trade unions are organizations formed voluntarily by employees.  The responsibility of a Trade Union is to represent the interests of workers, and to protect their legal rights. The Chindex Trade Union was established in December 2009, with the aims of protecting the legal rights of employees. During the past last year, the Chindex Trade Union organized various activities, such as staff meetings, New Year’s sporting events, and book clubs.  These activities were meant to not only help to enrich employees’ leisure lives, but also to increase employee teamwork and unity and to promote the harmonious and healthy development of the company.


First Trade Union Workers’Meeting Preparatory Group and Union Committee  Members selection

                                     2010 New Year’s Sports Fun and Games


2. Team Building

Chindex’s team building activities are focused on "strong will, attitude development, perfect personality and team building exercises."  The company-sponsored trainings not only enhance the employees’ sense of participation and responsibility for team projects, but also strengthen the cohesion of our organization and foster the spirit of teamwork, mutual cooperation and support.


2010 team building-Mu Lan hunting-field 2009 team building-Qing Dao
2008 team building-Nan Dai He 2007 New Year’s dumplings


3. Annual Meeting

The Chindex annual meeting is designed to create a lively experience, blending the culture of East and West, and enhanced wiht festive joy. Everyone is encouraged to relax and communicate freely, as they review the past and look forward to the future.  The venue is always full of familial warmth and everyone expresses their good wishes. The annual meeting not only cultivates and inspires the sense of pride and mission, but also strengthens the cohesion of our organization.

      2010 Annual meeting performance               2009 Annual meeting performance

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