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HuaiYin Medical Instruments Co.,Ltd (MICRA), a subsidiary of Chindex Medical Limited, was founded in 1959. Since the 1960s, MICRA, with its 32,000 square meters of land and 17,000 square meters of building area, has been the designated national manufacturing base for general surgery instruments.

Dedicated to the development and manufacture of medical surgical products, MICRA is the largest manufacturer and exporter of surgical blades and surgical sutures with needles (absorbable and non-absorbable) in China. With a sophisticated professional team and excellent manufacturing and testing equipment, MICRA is also the enterprise that is primarily responsible for drafting the national industry standard.  The MICRA factories have a manufacturing capacity of 50 million sutures with needle and 120 million surgical blades per year.

MICRA received free import and export rights in 1997, and has passed ISO9001-2000 and ISO13485 quality system certification.  In 2003, MICRA received CE certification for all of its products.  Today, MICRA has a 2,840 square meter, 100-thousand-grade purification workshop 2840, including a 10 square meter, 100-million-grade purification room, which strictly adheres to the national GMP standard.  A full 98% of the products manufactured by MICRA are exported to more than 40 countries around the world, and MICRA’s manufacturing capability and export volume rank number one in the industry.

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